Airlines Hit Hard By Coronavirus Hit Back With Industrial Cleaning Products

Airlines Hit Hard By Coronavirus Hit Back With Industrial Cleaning Products

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Posted March 6, 2020

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Airlines are using the most potent disinfectants to eliminate the coronavirus (COVID-19) from its planes.

Korean Air Lines Co., Qantas Airways Ltd and Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s Scott unit were some of the airlines that helped in the evacuation of people in Wuhan, the Chinese city that’s the center of the epidemic, and from the cruise ship off the coast of Japan.

And, it’s why they’re increasing their cleaning efforts – to eliminate the virus off planes used in the rescuing. They want to make sure they are safe to be used once again.

Instead of the typical vacuum and wipe cleanups, the airlines are getting the hospital-grade cleaning treatments that help to reduce the spread of the MRSA superbug and sexually transmitted diseases.

For Qantas, the airline is using Viraclean, a disinfectant that can kill a plethora of bacteria and viruses that the manufacturer, Whiteley Corp. claims can kill hepatitis B and herpes simplex. Whiteley suggests using undiluted Viraclean on surfaces soaked with sweat and blood, and that the users wear protective eyewear and gloves when applying.

Qantas airlines said the planes were cleaned for 36 hours and all its bedding, headphones and magazines were thrown away. Everything in the cabin got a double-over cleaning, which was then wiped down entirely. The airline made sure to replace the air filters.

Korean Air is using MD-125, a diluted version of D-125 that’s used in many industries such as hospitals and poultry farms. According to the manufacturer, Microgen, MD-125, offers protection from more than 140 viruses and bacteria such as avian flu, HIV, measles and salmonella.

Korean Air said it also sprayed and wiped down the cabins of the planes it used, replaced all seat covers and dividing curtains and disinfected its luggage hold.

The planes of all these companies are now back in service, with Korean Air getting the okay from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Korea.

Singapore Airlines’ Scoot fogged its cabin with an industrial-grade disinfectant.

Most, if not all, airlines are doing more in the way of cleaning their planes to reduce the risk of possible coronavirus contamination. Singapore Airlines is not allowing the use of hot towels on some aircraft and getting rid of the shared reading material on seats. All meal trays and TV screens are disinfected after every flight and pillow covers, headrest covers, blankets and headsets are changed out.

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. officials said every cabin surface is cleaned after flights, and planes with a confirmed coronavirus case are re-cleaned and disinfected once more.

There are no blankets, pillows, towels or magazines offered on the flight as well.

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