Denver Escapes: Must-Visit Attractions and Day Trips in the Area

Denver Escapes: Must-Visit Attractions and Day Trips in the Area

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Posted October 11, 2023

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The magic of Denver, Colorado’s capital, is in its harmonious blend of the urban rhythm and natural serenity, encapsulated by the majestic Rocky Mountains that stand guard around the city. Within its lively streets and beyond into its scenic surroundings, there lies a range of experiences that beckon both the modern city-dweller and the nature enthusiast.

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Denver serves as the perfect launching pad for an array of adventures. It’s not just the picturesque setting that enthralls visitors but the city’s urban core pulses with a rhythm that is both exciting and welcoming. From the skyscrapers housing innovative eateries to the historical enclaves that narrate tales of Denver’s colorful past, every nook of the city has a story to tell.

Denver Street Art
Denver Street Art

The Heart of the City

The heartbeat of Denver resonates through its bustling downtown, where modernity and history dance a beautiful duet. The city’s skyline, a juxtaposition of modern skyscrapers and historical edifices, embodies the essence of Denver’s character— a harmonious blend of the old and new.

Denver Art Museum

Embark on a journey through time and space at the Denver Art Museum, a pinnacle of Denver’s cultural scene. Housing an exquisite collection of artworks that span continents and centuries, it’s a haven for art enthusiasts. The museum’s extensive American Indian art collection is a profound narrative of the nation’s indigenous heritage.

Dive deeper into the realms of European, Asian, and contemporary art that find a home here. Each exhibit is a doorway into different cultures, different eras, and different imaginations. It’s not just a museum; it’s a world where the past and present coalesce, offering a rich, immersive experience to its visitors.

Denver Zoo

Venture into the wild heart of the city at the Denver Zoo, where nature’s marvels await. Housing an array of exotic animals from around the globe, it’s a window into the diverse tapestry of life that inhabits our world. From the majestic lions and elusive leopards to playful primates and graceful giraffes, the Denver Zoo is a celebration of wildlife.

Larimer Square

Step into a quaint, charming world as you enter Larimer Square, Denver’s oldest block. This historic locale is a living testament to Denver’s vibrant past, its buildings narrating tales of the city’s evolution. Today, Larimer Square is a hub of modern-day culture and entertainment, teeming with boutique stores, innovative eateries, and lively nightlife.

Breathtaking Nature

Denver’s location at the cusp of where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains is a recipe for breathtaking natural beauty. This strategic location unfolds a myriad of natural wonders, offering an escape into the pristine, untouched beauty of nature.

Denver Red Rocks
Denver Red Rocks

Rocky Mountain National Park

Just a short drive from the city, Rocky Mountain National Park unfolds a realm where nature reigns supreme. It’s a domain of rugged mountains, lush meadows, and serene lakes. The park’s vast trail network invites hikers to traverse through diverse landscapes, each trail narrating a different tale of the wilderness.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Amidst the urban rhythm of Denver, the Denver Botanic Gardens offer a serene respite. Here, the beauty of flora unfolds in a myriad of colors and forms, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. It’s a realm where nature’s artistry is on a perennial display, enchanting visitors with its beauty.

Explore the themed gardens, each offering a distinct experience. From the Japanese Garden’s Zen ambiance to the Ornamental Gardens’ structured beauty, it’s a journey through nature’s diverse palette. Seasonal blooms add a fresh character to the gardens, making every visit a unique experience.

Denver Botanical Gardens
Denver Botanical Gardens

Thrilling Day Trips

One of the hallmarks of Denver’s appeal is its proximity to numerous quaint towns and natural wonders. These nearby locales offer a breadth of experiences that further enrich the narrative of “things to do near Denver Colorado”. They are not merely day trips but journeys into diverse Colorado landscapes and cultures.


A mere half-hour drive from Denver, Boulder unfolds as a paradise for those keen on exploring nature and a vibrant cultural scene. The city’s heart beats at the Pearl Street Mall, a bustling hub where local culture, cuisine, and commerce blend seamlessly against the backdrop of a charming historic setting.

Boulder’s allure extends to its outdoors. The iconic Flatirons are not just a visual delight but a haven for hikers and climbers. The city’s extensive trail system invites one to explore the pristine nature that Boulder is enveloped in. Every trail, every vista speaks of the untouched beauty that makes Boulder one of the “places to visit near Denver”.

Colorado Springs

A bit further south of Denver, Colorado Springs holds its ground as a city of natural wonders and family-friendly attractions. The journey to this city itself is a narrative in the mesmerizing “Colorado attractions” that unfold along the way.

Adventurous Activities

The spirit of adventure is intrinsic to Denver’s ethos. The city and its surrounding landscapes are a playground for thrill-seekers. Whether it’s the rushing rivers or the snow-capped mountains, the call for adventure echoes through the vast “attractions near Denver Colorado”.

White Water Rafting

The raging rivers around Denver offer the perfect setting for white water rafting. The thrill of navigating through the tumultuous rapids is an experience that sets the heart racing. The Colorado River, with its varying levels of rapids, offers a suitable challenge for both novices and experienced rafters.


Come winter, the areas surrounding Denver transform into a wonderland for skiing enthusiasts. The snow-clad slopes of the Rocky Mountains offer a pristine setting for both seasoned skiers and those looking to find their footing on the snow.

Skiing is a chapter in the “things to do near Denver Colorado” that evokes the serene beauty and thrilling adventures that Colorado’s winter’s promise. It’s a venture into the heart of winter, a delightful dive into snow-fueled fun.

Culinary Experiences

Denver’s culinary scene is a mirror to its diverse cultural fabric. The city’s eateries are a canvas where traditional flavors and innovative culinary techniques paint a delightful gastronomic picture.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

In a city surrounded by fertile plains, farm-to-table isn’t a fad but a tradition. Denver’s farm-to-table restaurants like Mercantile Dining & Provision, and Acreage by Stem Ciders are a gateway into Colorado’s rich agricultural bounty. They bring forth a menu that’s a tribute to the local produce and a celebration of sustainable dining.

Among the “things to do near Denver Colorado”, diving into the local farm-to-table culinary scene stands as a rich, rewarding experience. It’s a taste of Denver’s soul, a culinary chapter in the Denver narrative.

Farm to Table food
Farm to Table food


Denver’s thriving craft beer scene is a testament to the city’s love for good brews. The city is sprinkled with microbreweries, each with its own unique flavor and style. Breweries like the Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide embody the spirit of Denver’s craft beer culture, each sip is a narrative of the city’s brewing heritage.

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