For Your NZ Cross-Country Road Trip: Rent Or Choose Motorhomes For Sale?

For Your NZ Cross-Country Road Trip: Rent Or Choose Motorhomes For Sale?

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Posted March 8, 2023

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New Zealand is a beautiful country with various unique sights you can visit during your vacation. If you prefer to be more comfortable on your road trip, try driving a motorhome instead of renting a car. If you haven’t experienced traveling cross-country in a motorhome before, this post will discuss motorhomes and the benefits and advantages of renting and buying. Keep on reading to learn more. 

What Are Motorhomes

Motorhomes are the most popular recreational vehicles in New Zealand that you can purchase or rent. You can choose from a few kinds that are built explicitly for cross-country road trips. You can purchase used motorhomes for sale, opt for a brand-new unit if it’s within your budget, or rent from motorhome companies. 

Motorhomes come in different classes that have varying gas mileage, fuel economy storage space, and other comfort features. They’re listed below.

motorhomes RV in park
  • Class A Motorhomes 

Being the largest and the most luxurious, Class A motorhomes are the longest vehicles allowed on the road that can reach up to 50 feet. They can accommodate up to 10 people, which is also perfect for vacationing with kiddos

As per mileage, Class A motorhomes have 6-10 miles per gallon (MPG) in the right conditions. If you want a slightly better fuel economy, you can opt for a Class A Diesel Pusher motorhome with 7-12 MPG depending on size and weight.  

  • Class B Motorhomes 

Class B motorhomes have an MPG of 18-25, making them the best for cross-country travel in terms of mileage.

Class B motorhomes are smaller than Classes A and B and are also called campervans. They may be less spacious yet can still be comfortable. Solo and couple travelers can fit into campervans, with the addition of a pet as well.  

  • Class C Motorhomes 

Class C motorhomes are a combination of Class A and Class B types. They typically have an overhead bed over the main cab and another sleeping area at the back. They’re ideal for small families and are less spacious than Class A motorhomes. Class C motorhomes have 14-18 MPG.  

Fuel economy can still be affected by various factors, such as driving uphill, heavy braking, and speeding. You can also choose the kind of motorhomes for sale NZ that’ll match your comfort level and how many of you folks are in the group.  

Why Use Motorhomes For Cross-Country Road Trips 

Traveling aboard a motorhome has many advantages. 

For one, it’s more affordable than staying at a hotel or taking a plane. Opting for a motorhome saves you money from parking fees too, and you don’t need to go out and dine at restaurants because you can prepare food in the built-in kitchen and pantry of your motorhome. Additionally, the abovementioned motorhomes have MPGs that allow you to drive longer and get to your destination faster in comfort.  

A cross-country road trip on a motorhome gives you more freedom. With only a cross-country travel itinerary as a guide, you can be closer to nature. You can travel for miles and miles and not worry about sleeping accommodations because there are designated campgrounds nationwide you can safely park your motorhome for the evening.  

Sun going down at the Rv park with lights on the motor home

Renting Motorhomes For Cross-Country Road Trips: Pros And Cons 

There are various motorhome rental companies in New Zealand that you can contact if you need a motorhome for cross-country destination travel. Here are some pros and cons of renting a motorhome for your cross-country travel.  

  • Pros 
  • Motorhome rental is ideal if you or your family don’t do cross-country road trips often;
  • Renting is significantly cheaper because you’re not responsible for the motorhome’s regular maintenance;
  • You’re not under any obligation to pay for annual motorhome insurance. 
  • Cons 
  • Renting comes with a very particular lease agreement that you need to sign before being allowed motorhome use; and
  • Depending on the fine print, you may need to pay for late fees, damage fees, and so on. 
RV motorhome camping

Buying Motorhomes For Cross Country Road Trips: Pros And Cons 

A motorhome has its perks, but you must weigh it with the disadvantages, especially if you plan on buying one. They include:

  • Pros 
  • Purchasing a class and model motorhome suitable to your lifestyle can provide comfort, especially if you love going on road trips a few times a year; and
  • You can allow your friends or relatives to borrow your motorhomes for sale NZ, even make money off it by renting it to people you trust. 
  • Cons 
  • As the owner, you’ll shoulder the motorhome’s maintenance expenses and insurance payments; and
  • Only a select New Zealand banks or lending institutions are willing to finance an expensive vehicle like a motorhome. 

Key Takeaway

New Zealand is a beautiful country dotted with multiple pristine view and travel destinations best explored via cross-country travel. And what better way for you and your loved ones to enjoy what New Zealand has to offer is by using a motorhome. 

A motorhome built for cross-country road trips has pros and cons whether you want to rent or purchase one for use. Yet whatever choice you make, it’s essential to base it on your needs and lifestyle so you can make the best of every motorhome road trip you and your folks take.  

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