Safety Tips to Curb COVID-19 When Traveling or Going to the Gym

Safety Tips to Curb COVID-19 When Traveling or Going to the Gym


Posted April 16, 2020

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Traveling during this period can be difficult for most people, but if you follow the safety measures, you are good to go. As of now, medical experts have said that the virus spreads through the eyes, nose, and mouth. If contaminated hands touch the face, you will definitely contract coronavirus. Before you head out, you should check your state health department’s website for insights about the virus. In some countries, traveling has been restricted or controlled, especially in those countries that have recorded the highest number of cases. Below are tips to curb COVID-19 when traveling or going to the gym.

Maintain Hand Hygiene Frequently

Hands are best cleaned by washing with soap and water for about 20 seconds according to the WHO. You can also use an 70% alcohol hand-based sanitizer. Cleaning your hands is considered important to avoid the spread of virus through the face or contaminating other surfaces. Carrying a hand sanitizer is easy for those traveling or going to the gym. If you use soap and water, it is advised that you wash the hands thoroughly and then rinse with running water.

Cover Your Face When Talking to People

When an infected person talks or coughs, they may infect others with the virus. Therefore, it’s safe when you wear a recommended mask. Although they can sometimes be irritating, they offer effective protection. Most people don’t know how to put on or dispose of face masks, which can increase the risk. Hence, make sure that you have one when visiting the gym or traveling. After all, contracting COVID-19 as a fitness enthusiast will derail your goals. You can also look at this now to find the best fitness enhancement gear to buy to further realize your goals.

Do Your Research Before Going to the Gym

Gyms are known for being crowded. Before visiting one, you should call to find out the number of people allowed in at the same time. You should ask if they are maintaining social distance and if they are sanitizing their equipment after every use. If you are at a higher risk of getting the disease, you should consider exercising at home.

Take Precautions Before Eating at a Restaurant

Traveling can be tiresome at some point, especially if you are traveling for a long time. That’s why you have to stop at a restaurant. Before you sit and order a meal, you should check the restaurant’s COVID-19 safety practices. If staff are wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, or disinfecting services regularly, then this is a great place to have your meal.

Research More About the Place You are Visiting

Before traveling, research the place or the country you are going to. Check the number of people who are infected and the self-quarantine requirements. Some countries will require you to get tested first and present a certificate that shows that you are negative from the virus before you enter their country.


When traveling, ensure that you follow all of the measures laid down by the World Health Organization. If you don’t have to travel, at least wait until it is safe for everyone to travel or go to the gym.

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