Seriously?? Some bizarre things passengers tried smuggling on planes

Seriously?? Some bizarre things passengers tried smuggling on planes


Posted January 1, 1970

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British company Virgin Atlantic has published a list of the most bizarre things people tried to smuggle on board their planes. A dead cow, a tarantula or a bathtub tops the list. The highest number of strange or funny events connected with passengers trying to smuggle something on board a plane was recorded at the JFK airport in New York. A passenger tried to smuggle her tarantula on board and hid the pet in her coat. A couple wanted to transport a dead cow wrapped in polythene to London. There was also a woman who arrived to the check-in with a bathtub. reported that at the airport in Delhi, a passenger wanted to smuggle a cutlery that he had previously stolen from another Virgin Atlantic airplane. The airport employees also experienced someone trying to bring home a backpack filled with dirt and a coconut palm tree from Granada. A couple wanted to remember their romantic stay abroad so much that they tried to take a bag full of sand and a jar of sea water back with them. The survey was done in 32 airports in countries all over the world and a car engine or a huge block of cheese are among the funniest items people ever tried to smuggle through the airport customs. According to the Virgin Atlantic‘s director of Corporate Communications, Greg Dawson, their personnel check thousands of passengers every year but from time to time they find something they would never expect. In February, Virgin Atlantic published another list – The most bizarre questions. At the top of the list was the request of a passenger who demanded the engines to be turned off because the noise was bothering him. Another passenger asked if there was a McDonald’s on board and yet another wanted to know if the captain could turn off the turbulence.

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