Why is it Important for a University Student to Travel from Time to Time? 

Why is it Important for a University Student to Travel from Time to Time? 

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Posted September 28, 2022

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Traveling alone or with a group of friends is an invigorating experience for a student that will stick with them the entire lifetime. Being able to enjoy life without any worries is one thing. Gaining experiences, collecting memories, and exposing oneself to new cultures is quite another. The lessons you learn are valuable. 

Builds confidence 

Working and living in a different environment away from home is a different experience than a sleep-away or camping vacation. It prepares students for a more profound life in the later stages. Overcoming traveling challenges can make the students build confidence in facing obstacles in real life. 

Developing confidence in life can make the students convinced that they are ready to tackle the issues that they may encounter in their later lives. This helps them lead a successful career, thereby gaining the respect and trust of others. Instead of always relying on the opinions of other people, they will learn to form their perspectives. 

Compassionate living 

Traveling enables students to appreciate the problems of the world and attain a certain level of compassion. It helps them see the world in a different light and have an awareness of how people of different cultures live. This can stand them in good stead in their mature lives. 

It is a common mistake to neglect to study while traveling abroad as students get excited about the journey. Travel involves many distractions. But the mistake can come at great peril. Therefore, pay attention to your academic goals and never deviate from them. Do not neglect your books and essay assignments. If need be, check the quality of your assignments online for free using plagiarism checkers for university students and anybody who needs to check academic work. With FixGerald, you can check your text and edit it instantly. 


Networking opportunities 

National and international travel, especially through a study program or with a group of students, provides you with a network of references and contacts. Plus, you can widen your circle of friends and not be restricted to only local friends. The good times you spend with these friends can be fodder for good memories. 

With the help of your established network, you may be able to connect with various other people that otherwise would not be possible. The opportunities that come your way may be entirely exciting and new. Make calculated risks in life and take advantage of those encounters. 

Better performance 

Taking the risk to travel alone or in a group shows that the student is interested enough to know about unfamiliar things. Moving out of your comfort zone is good for personality development and is a fertile ground for growth. Venturing out to discover other parts is a trait of students that appeals to universities and employers. 

Travel increases academic knowledge. The content you absorb while journeying is a valuable investment that would enhance your academic performance. You would have a competitive edge over the students who have not been exposed to such an experience. Besides, traveling while young can be fun and stress-free. 

Thought incubators 

Separation and unfamiliarity are great thought incubators as new experiences make you question preconceived ideas. The rich experience challenges you to open your minds regarding friends, people, food, culture, and basic needs. You will start seeing things differently. 

Traveling frees your mind as you are exposed to new ambiance and strangers. This opening of mind will define your place and purpose in life. The thoughts that go through your mind would germinate into lifelong priorities and values. It is also a perfect time to discover your passion in life that can culminate into rewarding career life. 

Appreciate life 

Sometimes when you travel, you realize what you miss in life the most, especially if those things are lacking in the place that you visit. For example, traveling to remote places would make you realize the importance of having access to clean water. Or poverty-stricken places make you wonder how some people survive. 

Journeying through untrodden paths would make you realize the value of simple things in your life that you took for granted. Your parents make sacrifices to give you a good education. Your newfound appreciation of the little things can make you realize the hardships they go through to make your life comfortable. 


If you get an opportunity to travel, never forgo it if you can. Traveling while studying is beneficial in many ways, but each student’s experience is unique. The uniqueness would depend on the caliber of the students you travel with, the places you visit, the calculated risks you take, and the activities you expose yourself to. 

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