World Footprints Featured in New Book

World Footprints Featured in New Book


Posted December 2, 2011

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World Footprints is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the newly released book, Become an Award Winning Company, authored by the acclaimed speaker and entrepreneur, Matt Shoup. This insightful guide provides a comprehensive roadmap to enhancing business success and credibility through the strategic pursuit of awards.

Become an Award Winning Company outlines seven actionable steps designed to help businesses achieve recognition and build a strong, credible brand. Through practical advice and real-world examples, Matt Shoup offers invaluable guidance for companies aiming to elevate their profile and reputation.

World Footprints is prominently featured in the book due to its impressive track record of winning multiple travel journalism awards. The company’s commitment to advancing social good through its media platform has set it apart as a leader in the industry. By integrating a focus on social responsibility with high-quality journalism, World Footprints has demonstrated that success can be achieved alongside making a positive impact on the world.

The book also includes interviews with some of the nation’s most respected award-winning CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders who have successfully navigated the path to recognition. These insights provide readers with a diverse range of strategies and experiences, showcasing how different businesses have leveraged awards to boost their growth and credibility.



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