Famous Corpse Attractions

Famous Corpse Attractions

Lenins Tomb

Posted January 1, 1970

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Photo by Bernt RostadA group of British tourists have recently traveled to visit the embalmed body of Kim Jong-il.  They are not alone as thousands of tourists will go out of their way to view, gawk or satisfy their curiosity to view famous cadavers around the world. Take the tomb of Lenin in Moscow, for example.  How can a man who died in 1924 look remarkably preserved?   A close examination is not possible in the brief walk around his tomb so the embalming elixir is left to our imagination. Is it Lenin or an expertly crafted was figure?  Then there is Ho Chi Minh.  The beloved leader of Vietnam wanted to be cremated when he died in 1969, but the decision was made to preserve his corpse so that he could be admired up close.  Not every corpse is perfect.  Otzi the Iceman, discovered in 1991, is believed to be over 5,300 years old and considered the oldest natural human mummy. Death has not extinguished their fame.  Thousands of visitors flock to their tombs every year and queue for hours just to get a glimpse.  If you’re interested in paying respect to a lost leader be mindful that there are strict rules prohibiting talking, smoking, and photography.  Also, there are restrictions on apparel in many tombs-no hats, shorts or mini-skirts.  (When I visited Lenin’s tomb I was asked to remove my hands from my pocket.) View the list of other notable corpses you can visit throughout the world.

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