Google Creates Trips; Brings Travel Related Apps To One Landing Page

Google Creates Trips; Brings Travel Related Apps To One Landing Page

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Posted June 14, 2019

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Google will bring its travel-related apps and products under one landing page known as Trips. People who come to will find Google Flights, Google hotels search, the mobile Google Trips apps and others and plan out their travel easily and effectively. At Trips, users can look for a destination and choose their flights, travel guides, hotels or vacation packages.

Once a trip has been set up, regardless of how it’s booked, Trips can be used to see the booking receipts that provide users with confirmation codes, itinerary and travel information. Users will also see weather reports for their travel dates.

There have been tidbits of Trips throughout different Google products the last several months, but they’ve now been combined into one area. A person who makes a reservation at a hotel or restaurant can find the business on Google Maps, which will show the reservation date and time. Clicking on it will confirm the receipt.

Maps also provide the Explore tool, showing users of nearby places. This information will be added to the Trips landing page when a person is planning their travel.

Trips will also track flight prices, and notify users of any changes. In case it’s necessary, Trips will show users hotels previously viewed in case arrangements still need to be made.

The landing page is currently live, but there’s no word how this will affect the Google Trips mobile app. What is known is that the features in Trips can be accessed via Google Maps for the next few months.

This World Brief was written by contributor Susan Powell exclusively for World Footprints.

Source:  The Verge

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