Planning the Perfect Trip to Maui

Planning the Perfect Trip to Maui


Posted February 2, 2020

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Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and undoubtedly is a paradise in a lot of aspects. Maui is not Disneyland so for best enjoyment and safety, a trip to this Hawaiian island requires some planning.   This article offers some helpful tips to guide you to planning your trip of a lifetime to Maui.

Choose the Right Time of the Year

First things first, you will have to decide what of the year and month is best suited for your requirements. Plus, you need to keep in mind your budget and weather conditions of the island. There are times in the year when the ticket prices are relatively less as compared to the rest of the year. During the off-season, which is March-May and September-November, you will discount tickets and rooms. If your budget bounds you, then that time would be perfect for you to plan your trip.

Decide a Place to Stay

In Maui, there are a number of incredible accommodations options to choose from. The place you select will depend on where you want to be located, and the price you are willing to spend. Maui is made up of a various range of micro-climates and exceptional towns. When you are choosing a place to stay, you will pick a place by area and town. You can stay on the west coast of Maui that has a lot of the major resorts and hotel hubs of Kaanapali, Kapalua, and Lahaina. There are numerous different resorts and condos down from Kihei down to Wailea as well. Whether you want to choose a more reasonable place to stay or luxury vacation homes in Maui, you have all the options available.

Pack all the Essential Stuff

Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place that offers lush beaches, swimming with fishes, and whatnot. However, to really enjoy the trip and avoid sunburn, sore feet, losing your phone under the water, you need to pack all the essential stuff with you. The things you must pack with you include sunglasses, sunscreen, keen shoes, rash guard, floppy straw hat, packable cooler, flip flops, quick-dry water shoes, backpacks, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, swimsuits, beach cover-up, waterproof phone case, and more. Smart packing for your trip means you will not spend your time searching down a critical item, and you will enjoy your precious time without any worry.

Rent a Car

To get the most out of your Maui experience, you will want to rent your own car! The rates of renting a vehicle are surprisingly affordable for Hawaii. Plus, it will allow you to go wherever you want to go. If you add up the cost of taxis and shuttles, you will realize that renting a car is a much more affordable option for you to move around on the island. Though gas prices on the island are quite high, it is a fantastic feeling to drive around these beautiful highways at your own pace.

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