The World’s Most Lucrative Casino Destinations

The World’s Most Lucrative Casino Destinations

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Posted November 28, 2022

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Traveling is a popular recreation. Many people choose to travel as a part of their vacation because it is fun and informative. Nevertheless, traveling offers you much more than a cultural experience and entertainment. There are quite a few people who travel specifically to experience different variations of gambling and casinos all around the world. After all, the gambling industry has reached more than $70 billion and is only in the United States. Naturally, some specific countries are more popular when it comes to gambling than others. Today we are ranking some of the most lucrative casino places in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the first country that combines beautiful sightseeing with a gambling experience. Casinos are legal both in New Zealand and Australia. Gambling became legal in Australia in 2003, but only licensed and trustworthy platforms can provide their services. Since you have to be conscious of your choices, many people use an online casino with the best reputation and proper licensing. A third party must review all online platforms to ensure that they follow all the required rules. We would also advise you to research banking options and other peculiarities, including game selection. 

Here are also several other countries that we consider both impressive in terms of traveling and lucrative for gamers:

  • Gibraltar
  • Netherland
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Norway
  • Denmark


The Netherlands is a popular destination for European travelers and many others. You can do quite a few things once you travel to the Netherlands. Most people go to enjoy the beautiful fields of tulips. Others watch the canals, travel by bicycle, and try different cheese flavors. However, apart from these activities, the Netherlands is also famous for gambling. It is a country where you can’t have all kinds of fun. Moreover, since 2021, remote and online gambling has been available for everything starting with traditional slot machines and ending with sports betting. 



Even if you might associate Norway with cold weather and winters, it is much more than snowy mountains. Scandinavian people are obsessed with gambling. Almost half of the Norwegian population gamble. Moreover, Norway is also one of the safest countries for people who want to play online or in real life. Only casinos allowed and checked by Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto can provide their services. This is great for you as a traveler and a gamer since all available casinos will be safe. 


Japan is, in general, a very video game-friendly country. Even though gambling is questioned chiefly in Japan, quite a few different activities are relatively close to casinos. In particular, this country is famous for Pachinko and arcade games. This is an option if you want to find something other than online gambling. 

Great Britain

The last country on our list is Great Britain. London is your city if you are a high roller looking for a perfect place to spend thousands and earn even more. It is one of the most popular cities among high-rollers. There you will get everything from excellent service to incredible game selection. Besides, gamers don’t pay taxes for gambling. 

Bottom Line

In short, you can always combine your traveling plans with gambling. Many countries, including Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, England, and Japan, will be more than glad to provide their services. Moreover, they all make sure that your experience will be not only highly entertaining but also safe. Therefore, next time you decide to travel to one of these countries, you can also check out their selection of casinos.

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