Holidays Afloat on a European River Cruise

Holidays Afloat on a European River Cruise

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Posted November 2, 2016

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Tired of the same old travel routines?  Consider a different type of cruise journey that keeps you off the high seas.

River cruises are becoming more popular each year, as those travelers who want a more laidback, or romantic, intimate vibe, turn to cruising holidays for a sweet escape.

Europe is an especially popular destination for this kind of tourism, as there are many scenic and diverse rivers to choose from.

Among the most popular are the Rhine and the Danube, both of which have the longest cruising tradition. Couples and families will find these kinds of trips exhilarating, as they are set apart from the usual hustle and bustle that can be regular travel by train or bus.

Danube river cruise in Budapest, Hungary
Danube river cruise in Budapest, Hungary

Choosing the right cruise package is an important step in this process, as this will be entirely dependent on the kind of cruise vacation you want to have. The same applies for the destination you’re interested in. If you want to check out cities while unwinding on the boat at the end of the day, you’ll have to check for those cruise packages that are all-inclusive—airport transfers, meals and beverages, tips, laundry presses, etc. Don’t get stuck with a package that doesn’t cover everything you need, as if you choose something too basic for your requirements, you could end up very disappointed, and have to spend more on your trip to receive these additional options.

Consider things like the size of the ship, which will determine how many passengers will be aboard with you. Some ships take just four, while others can carry up to 200 passengers.

Another element to consider is timing. Some travelers book up to 12 months ahead of their dates, and receive great discounts by doing so. If you’re on a budget, the cost-effective route is the best way to go.

From 2004, the cruising industry recorded a 10% increase and new ships are launched every year, offering even more choices to prospective travelers. Themed cruises are now available as well, and you can choose from theme options including: music, festive seasons, and wine.

Still, even with all its popularity, the summer months of Mid-May to September continue to be the high season for river vessels. Bask in the same comfort offered by a multi-star hotel, where there is gourmet dining, floor-to-ceiling windows, fitness centers, and free wireless connections, just to name a few of the many amenities available on these ships.

Other popular rivers in Europe that you can consider for your trip are: Rhone, Saone, Seine, and Moselle, and the Volga or Portuguese Douro, and Russian Neva.

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