Best Backpacking Trails with Amazing Sceneries

Best Backpacking Trails with Amazing Sceneries

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Posted May 31, 2022

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From narrow canyons to rocky mountains, the Earth is a wonderful place to live on. Travelers enjoy being connected with nature while witnessing unique flora and fauna along the way. Mesmerizing waterfalls and movie-like ice fields add value to any trip inside our beautiful planet.

Below, we have a list of some of the best backpacking trails worldwide that every backpacker must visit. Whether it is a simple hiking trail or a mountain peak, each is worth a tick on your backpacking bucket list.

Wonderland Trail – USA

Wonderland Trail is a 14,411-foot trail that stretches through Mount Rainier National Park. However, it’s not just an easy walk around the edges. Rather, it’s a 22.000 feet high-level peak with active volcanic areas and breathtaking terrain throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Mount-Rainier view from a lake. Backpacking Trail

Overall time to complete the trail is 10 to 14 days, depending on your pace and backpacking itinerary. Additionally, you can find 18 camps in the wilderness and 4 mailboxes. The Wonderland Trail is a real gem in the US area and one of the most challenging ones.

It’s quite a difficult route for backpacking, but once you start the journey, you’ll be rewarded with views of pristine alpine lakes, lush rainforests, glaciers, meadows, and valleys. The best time of the year for hiking the trail is July through September.

Side note: Make sure you prepare accordingly for your trip, pack all of the essential gear like sleeping bags, sleeping pads, sturdy tents for backpacking, lightweight clothing, first aid kit, etc.

Camino Primitivo – Spain

Camino Primitivo is a 230 miles trail that takes around 15 days to finish. It crosses the Cantabrian Mountains, through the site of Lugo and the peaks of Picos de Europa. The trail includes Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo, and Camino Ingles. 

Hiking along Camino-del-Norte-Spain. Backpacking Trail
Camino del Norte

The starting point is at the cathedral of Oviedo and the endpoint at Santiago de Compostela. It’s one of the most difficult roads due to the steep descents and ascents. The name of the trail has its origin in the 9th century when King Alfonso II entered Santiago de Compostela and walked in commemoration of the remains discovery of St. James.

Fun fact: The city of Lugo is the only city in the world that’s surrounded by a Roman wall, still fully intact.

The best time of the year to walk the trail is July-August. Additional practical information you can take from this guide:

  • Roads can be muddy due to the rainfalls;
  • The route is well marked;
  • You can get a pilgrim credential in Oviedo;

Long Range Traverse Trail – Canada

This beautiful trail will take you into the Gros Morne National Park where you can experience the wilderness at its best. Granite cliffs and sparkling fjords are must-see views along the way. Bold backpackers will be willing to complete the trail besides its steep alpine tundra.

Mountains and fjord of Gros Morne National Park
Gros Morne National Park

Parks Canada organizes orientation sessions for hikers and backpackers before they attempt the hike, so it’s recommended that you attend one for precautionary purposes. The trail is accessible from the middle of June to the end of September.

Machu Picchu – Peru

Machu Picchu is an exciting trail in Peru that opens up new horizons in culture and history. It’s the famous Inca Trail that drives backpackers around the world crazy. The route is a challenging one, located in a remote area. The trek takes around 5 days to complete. The starting point is Aguas Calientes where the hike is flat.

The weather in the region splits into a dry season in the winter and a wet season in the summer. The best time of the year to visit the Inca Trail is from late May to early September.

View of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Grand Canyon – USA

Going on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. However, this hike is different from the rest due to many factors like weather conditions, trail accessibility, gear, etc. You can cross the canyon from the South Kaibab to the North Kaibab trail and visit the Bright Angel Trail.

The road is rugged, with strenuous rocks and narrow paths. Traversing the canyon in one-way can be completed in 3 days when you will descend the North Kaibab. A different route, popular among backpackers, is the North Rim. The views here are out of this world; you can watch the sandstone change in colors while the sunsets.

The trail is open from May to September, however, you need to be careful and avoid hiking between 3 am and 10 pm. In the winter period, the temperature changes significantly, so you need to be prepared for different weather conditions.

Grand Canyon. Backpacking Trail.  Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick
Grand Canyon. Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

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