Rome Officials Pass and Implement New Rules To Curb Tourists’ Bad Behavior

Rome Officials Pass and Implement New Rules To Curb Tourists’ Bad Behavior

trevi fountain in rome

Posted September 2, 2019

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Rome officials are taking steps to thwart tourists’ behavior with a plethora of rules that range from public eating to drinking from its water fountains.

Italy’s capital has also made it illegal for men not to wear shirts in public and putting love padlocks on bridges – both carry fines if caught.

New regulations also prohibit consuming messy foods around the area’s popular tourist attractions like the Trevi Foundation.

Other recent rules officials enacted include:

  • Prohibiting people from touching the spout of public fountains with their lips.
  • Prohibiting ticket hawkers from offering and selling tickets to skip the line at many of city’s well-known attractions.
  • Prohibiting individuals from dressing up and charging people for pictures.
  • Prohibiting individuals from swimming in the fountains.
  • Prohibiting bouncing wheeled suitcases or pushchairs up Spanish Steps

Some infractions have a slap on the wrist with others being fined or banned from the location.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi said Rome still wants to welcome visitors, but it will not tolerate the bad behavior some tourists seem to have. She said foreign embassies would be notified, so their citizens are aware of the situation when coming to Rome.

Rome’s Security Delegate and Deputy Chief of Staff Marco Cardilli said old rules had to be updated to ensure modern society’s needs would be met.

This World Brief is written by contributor Susan Powell exclusively for World Footprints.

Source: The Independent

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