5 Breathtaking Spots to see in Ukraine

5 Breathtaking Spots to see in Ukraine

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Posted February 8, 2017

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Ukraine is a versatile country with a lot of different sceneries and places suitable for all kinds of vacations. Whether you are a backpacker or prefer luxurious hotels – there’s everything for everyone! Travel to the city of Lviv to get the best cup of coffee in Europe, climb the Mount Hoverla in the Carpathians, spend a few summer weeks on the beaches of the Black Sea or venture into the wild and explore the local national parks with foxes and deer. Here are a few must-see spots in Ukraine that will take your breath away.

Biruchiy Island – a white-sand heaven

Biruchiy is more of a barrier beach, but when the high tide comes it sometimes transforms into an island and you get separated from the rest of the world with turquoise waves of the Azov Sea. This is a hidden gem that even most of people of Ukrain e don’t know about. On the island, there are a few low-key resorts, a bunch of hotels, and white-sand beaches stretching for miles. The water is clean and clear and it’s an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Lviv – a coffee addict’s dream come true

This European-esque city is filled with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and you’ll find dozens, even hundreds of cafes scattered all throughout Lviv. You can also go on a full-blown gastro-tour and try the delicious local cuisine with influences of Western Ukraine. It’s truly mouthwatering! In Lviv, you’ll find cars sitting on the roofs of elegant buildings, green parks that lie on picturesque hills, churches and magnificent cathedrals that were built hundreds of years ago and a bunch of locals that are truly friendly and welcoming. Explore the Rynok Square with its wide array of restaurants and check out places like Dim Legend, the Room, and Trapezna.

Pripyat – the ghost town

Did you ever wonder what a city would look like after all the people have left it? Pripyat is exactly that. Thousands of locals were evacuated from Pripyat after the Chernobyl catastrophe, leaving behind their homes, schools, churches and the things they owned. Now all the structures are crumbling, including the rusty Ferris wheel that floats over the small city of Pripyat all covered in rust. The town is safe in terms of radiation, yet the atmosphere is quite depressing. You’ll be amazed to find out that nature here is blooming without the human influence. There are deer here, foxes, wolves and an abundance of greenery.

Kiev – the capital

Kiev is a warm and friendly city that offers all its visitors a wild mix of modern culture and ancient buildings that have been around for ages. Many consider Kiev to be the city of churches, and you will find an abundance of them here. But there’s so much more to it than just gorgeous architecture! There are modern art galleries, street musicians, cafes with croissants, amazing concerts with classical, electronic and jazz music, and a lot of hills overlooking the whole city. There are dozens of festivals during the summer months and on the banks of the Dnieper River, there are beaches where you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere of amazing cafes or just swim and sunbathe as much as you want.

St. Andrews Church

The Carpathian Mountains – rivers, forests, and honey wine

Travel to the west of the country to immerse yourself into the culture of Ukraine the best way possible. The cuisine here is simply mouthwatering! The banosh porridge that’s served with bacon and cheese is exceptionally delicious. You can also try the amazing honey wine that’s quite strong, but is mild and pleasant at the same time. Mountain lovers will definitely appreciate all the hills, meadows, and mountains covered in forests and flowers that are located in the Carpathians. There are a lot of small mountain villages where you can stay for a few days while exploring the surroundings. You can also go backpacking high into the mountains and stay there for days.

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