World’s First Underwater Hotel Residence Opened in The Maldives

World’s First Underwater Hotel Residence Opened in The Maldives

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Posted December 5, 2018

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Ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea? Well, your window of opportunity has just opened up. The world’s first ever underwater hotel residence was recently opened in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island by Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton.

Through residency’s aspiring display of design, architecture, and technology, guests are urged to dive deep below the surface of the Indian Ocean and experience luxury travel like never before.

The Muraka, Maldives

The villa was named “Muraka” which means “coral” in Dhivehi, the native language in the Maldives. The name pays homage to how the residency embraces its surroundings and peacefully rests along the ocean floor.

This ground-breaking underwater hotel residence is a two-story luxury villa in Maldives that sits more than 16 feet below sea level. The Muraka brings to life luxury travel with its unique flare. Its lavish commodities include an infinity pool, private gym and bar, and butler’s quarters. What’s more, the bed, bathtub, and shower are all ocean-facing offering panoramic views of the deep blue waters and its surroundings.

The top floor dubbed as the “relaxation deck” is made available to guests who would like to unwind the sun’s glory.

The elaborate suite in Maldives is only made available for four-night, $200,000 vacation package. Those who take residency in the suite get exclusive use of a private boat, private chef, and receive an automatic Hilton Diamond status upgrade.

The Conrad also caters to travelers who are not as intrigued by the thought of eating and sleeping below the Indian Ocean. The resort includes a number of villas that sit above the water.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The Muraka hotel residence in Maldives is connected to the other parts of the resort including the underwater five-star restaurant, Ithaa.

Ithaa restaurant features four curated menus – The Wanderers, The Flavors, The Soul, and The Thrill. These offerings include experiences ranging from adventure, food, and entertainment to wellness, culture and sustainability.

Architectural Brilliance behind Groundbreaking Residence

In a recent statement to the public, the chief architect and designer of the hotel mentioned that the completion of the Muraka was one of his own personal lifetime achievements. “After years in the making, my team and I am proud to officially present The Muraka residence and its accompanying Maldivian experience to worldly travelers who crave the extraordinary.”

He also mentioned that the building process was carefully selected; every stage of development was carried out in a manner that was respectful and eco-friendly. Construction of each modular structure was done on land in Singapore, then shipped to the Maldives.

In regards to the safety measures taken against any shifts caused by high tides and rough waves, thick concrete pylons were used to nail the residence in place.

In the Maldives, luxury is the name of the game and the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island surely stayed true to this while bringing to life the underwater residence. The accommodation offered is more than just a room or a suite, it’s an experience like never before.

Source:  Forbes

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