Following Mexico’s Tequila Trail

Following Mexico’s Tequila Trail

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Posted October 28, 2023

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There is a beverage that has been able to pull the Mexican tourism sector out of its slump – Tequila. It is Mexico’s national drink, and a symbol of citizens’ pride and culture.

As admiration for the spirit grows, tourism prospects are looking up. American tourists are especially enamored by the alcoholic delight, and have been actively taking tequila route tours to satisfy their cravings.

Ruta del Tequila is the most popular tour that exposes visitors to prominent tequila distilleries, and archaeologically important sites.  After a short flight to Guadalajara, travelers have the pleasure of traversing a World Heritage Site, as they are taken through municipalities of El Arenal, Amatitan, Magdalena, and Teuchitlan.

While most tequila-producing companies are closed to tourists, some brands like Patron, and 7 Leguas, are open to the public via appointments.  However, on your journey, you’ll still be able to experience delicious blends from premium brands like tequila-production giants Cuervo, and Sauza, along with Don Pilar, El Tesoro, and Don Julio. This is especially true in the state of Jalisco, where many premium brands are produced.

Tequila - Inside Jose Cuervo. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick
Inside Jose Cuervo. Photo: Tonya Fitzpatrick

Now that you’ve got all the basics down and you’re stocking up on food before the shots start coming, the question is: When to go? The National Festival of Tequila is at the end of November and is the perfect time to begin your odyssey to the tequila promised land. For those who want to learn more about the drink they love, Museum of Tequila is a great place to visit as it features those who created the beverage, the history of tequila making, as well as information about mezcal. If you just want to drink, and drink some more, check out the festival as all major tequila distilleries are represented, and the drinks are flowing.

Whenever you decide to head down to Mexico for this fun experience, take the Tequila Express . It is a regional Mexican train service that covers the entire route, and begins at Guadalajara. However, be sure to book early as though the express can handle sixty-eight travelers, the only way to secure booking is to do so one month in advance.

Cover photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

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