Budget-Friendly Destinations in Costa Rica

Budget-Friendly Destinations in Costa Rica

Volcan Irazu National Park

Posted September 2, 2023

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When people think of the lush landscapes and pristine beaches of Costa Rica, many imagine a destination suitable only for those with deep pockets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Costa Rica is abundant with locations that are as budget-friendly as they are beautiful. Let’s explore some of these affordable gems.

Tortuguero National Park

Found on the northern Caribbean coast, Tortuguero National Park, often referred to as the “Amazon of Costa Rica,” is a magical maze of intricate waterways. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in its beauty is by hopping on a budget boat tour, allowing you to navigate through canals teeming with wildlife. From spotting playful monkeys and vibrant toucans to witnessing sea turtles nesting on the beaches between July and October, there’s no shortage of natural wonders.

When it comes to resting for the night, the park boasts a range of eco-lodges and hostels that offer authentic rainforest experiences without the associated costs.

Frog in Costa Rica

La Fortuna

A backpacker’s delight, La Fortuna is known for its proximity to the majestic Arenal Volcano. But apart from the grandeur of this natural wonder, the town offers a multitude of budget-friendly attractions. You don’t need to break the bank to relax in hot springs; while the region is famous for its luxury thermal baths, several public hot springs are either free or have a minimal entry fee.

For those itching to get closer to nature, the Arenal Volcano National Park offers an affordable entry fee and provides access to trails with awe-inspiring views of the volcanic landscapes. Or, if you like more of a thrill, lake Arenal in La Fortuna is renowned for its watersports – Volcano Watersports has more on the different types of activities you could get up to.


Montezuma, a bohemian haven on the Nicoya Peninsula, offers both a laid-back vibe and a plethora of affordable activities. One of its must-visit attractions is the series of waterfalls located just a brief hike from the town center. These cascades offer the perfect spot to cool off and are entirely free to access.

After a day of adventure, the town caters to hungry travelers with a multitude of budget-friendly eateries, ensuring you can savor traditional Costa Rican dishes without the high-end price.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Marrying Afro-Caribbean culture with stunning natural beauty, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Caribbean coast offers an affordable escape for all types of travelers. This vibrant town pulsates with a unique rhythm, evident in its lively music scenes, colorful architecture, and friendly locals. A recommended activity is renting a bike for just a few dollars, allowing you to leisurely explore the picturesque coastline and discover hidden beaches like Cocles and Punta Uva.

As you pedal along, you might even chance upon impromptu dance sessions or local artisans selling handcrafted souvenirs. And when hunger strikes, the town is renowned for its local sodas (small eateries) that serve up delicious Caribbean-inspired dishes that are both hearty and affordable.

Moreover, the nightlife in Puerto Viejo is a fusion of laid-back beach bars and vibrant dance spots, ensuring that the fun continues even after the sun sets.

While Costa Rica is often celebrated for its luxury resorts and upscale experiences, it remains a destination for every kind of traveler. From tranquil beaches to lush rainforests, the country’s affordable locations demonstrate that enjoying the best of what Costa Rica offers doesn’t require a lavish budget.

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