Exploring the Paddy Fields in Sekinchan Town, Malaysia

Exploring the Paddy Fields in Sekinchan Town, Malaysia

Harvesting rice in Malaysia

Posted February 15, 2021

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Malaysia is one of the beautiful and unique countries to visit in Southeast Asia. It’s a melting pot of cultures, populated by Malays, Chinese, Indians, and the various indigenous groups. The country boasts diversity in its rich cultural tradition, landscapes, and nature. There are gorgeous islands and beaches, and Borneo, a 130-million-year-old jungle, waits to be explored. The whole Malay Archipelago is tropical, so the weather in Malaysia is warm year-round.  

There are so many things to do and see in Malaysia. Just a couple of hours to the north of Kuala Lumpur lies the beautiful scenery of lush paddy fields. You could spend hours exploring the quaint town and then watch the beautiful sunset in the evening near the beach.

The Sekinchan Town in Selangor is a laid-back town, peppered with old Malay kampung houses built along the paddy fields. Visit Sekinchan Town between March and April, or between September and October, and you’ll discover the bright green rice paddy fields at their best.

kampung houses around Malaysian rice paddies

A trip to Sekinchan Town is rewarding with its verdant countryside, quaint fishing village, cultural attractions, and delicious local cuisine.

In this article, we’ll share the best things you can do in Sekinchan Town, Selangor.

The History of Sekinchan

About a hundred years ago, Sekinchan was just a small and rustic fishing village. The people were placed into groups for safety reasons due to the communist rebels in town. Today, the town is far removed from its daunting past—it’s now a significant rice-producing and agricultural location in Malaysia.

According to history, the town was given its name by a teacher who managed to escape the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. He then settled down in one of the secluded areas of that time and named it Sekinchan. In Chinese, the word Sekinchan means “a village that is perfect for plantation.” True to its name, the land became prosperous, and the healthy soil and good weather made it ideal for agriculture.

Things to do in Sekinchan

Visit the Paddy Field Factory and Gallery

Driving along the town, you can see a stretch of paddy fields that continues for miles up to the Bernam River, which marks the border between Perak and Selangor. These paddy fields are steadily farmed and divided into rectangles, bordered by drainage ditches and low concrete walls so they can be easily watered during the planting season.

There is also the Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery where you can learn how the paddies are planted and harvested. Within the gallery, you can try the traditional way of harvesting the rice, guided by local farmers. There is a fee for the tour, but if you want to skip it, you can explore the gallery by yourself and read the infographics provided throughout the gallery.

You can taste the rice or rice-based products for free and even buy some as souvenirs.

Visit the Fishing Village

Near the town of Sekinchan, there’s a fishing village populated by the Teow Chiew Chinese community called Bagan. You can see numerous wooden fishing boats, which are mostly handcrafted by the local fishermen. Even though there are modern fishing boats, some of the locals still prefer the traditional ones.

If you visit the village during the evening, you can see the fishermen returning from the sea. The jetty will be noisy and chaotic like a market, as many fishmongers and local people come to buy fresh seafood caught by the fishermen.

While waiting for sunset, you can walk towards the jetty to get some fresh air and a great view. Or you can enjoy delicious seafood at the stalls along the beach.

The Wishing Tree

Located near Redang Beach in Bagan, there’s a huge old tree decorated in red ribbons and tied with gold coins. The people in Sekinchan believe that the tree holds magic powers—it grants your wishes when you throw a red ribbon high up to the tree. Because so many people have done this, the tree remains an angelic sight to behold and definitely worth photographing.

Legend has it that the higher you throw the ribbon, the more likely your wishes will come true.

To make a wish, donate to the temple nearby, and you’ll get a red ribbon.

The Lemon Myrtle Plantation

The organic lemon myrtle has been around for years in Australia. And in Sekinchan, is touted as the first of its kind outside of the country. Known as the Lemon Myrtle Plantation, this orchard produces an abundance of lemon myrtle to make tea and essential oils.

If you need a break, experience a relaxing teatime in a hammock at the plantation. Afterward, you can shop for products made from lemon myrtles such as spice tea, body care, and essential oils at the plantation.

This picturesque plantation is normally open to the public, too. But since the pandemic, it has been temporarily closed pending further updates from the Malaysian government. So plan your trips in advance.

paddy farm in Malaysia

Fly a Kite

The wind is quite strong in Sekinchan, so locals will sometimes take their kids to the beach in the evening to fly a kite. Since it’s a popular activity here, you can easily purchase a kite from the local shops near the beach. If you have never flown a kite before, don’t fret. You’ll find the locals are more than willing to show you the ropes.

Visit Ah Ma House (Grandma House)

Ah Ma’s house is a display house of a Chinese grandmother. You can see utensils, appliances, and furniture you would typically find in every Chinese grandmother’s house. Some of the things are antiques, like an old TV set and bicycles that were once used ages ago. The house was created to illustrate the simple and modest lifestyle of the people who live in Sekinchan Town.

How To Get There From The City Center

The best way to get to Sekinchan from Kuala Lumpur is by car as you can easily hop from one attraction to another. However, if you don’t have a car, you can get to Sekinchan using public transportation and rent a bicycle when you arrive in town to explore the area. If you’re planning to take a bike, don’t forget to bring extra drinking water as the weather can be scorching hot.

Wish locks in Sekinchan

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